Brian Fanzo is a pager-wearing millennial, translator of geek-speak, popular podcast host, and keynote speaker who is shifting generational perspectives on marketing, social media, innovation, and collaboration.
He spent 10 years working at the United States Pentagon, possessing the highest civilian security clearance one can get. He wears his baseball hat backwards and colorful high-top shoes. He’s also the newest addition to our roster of expert keynote speakers.
With a passion for helping people tell their story, engage with customers, demystify generational myths, create trust and transparency, and collaborate for greater success… Brian is changing the world one audience at a time.
Customized and personalized for every audience of marketing and sales professionals, communications teams, company leadership, entrepreneurs, and entire organizations, his most-requested keynote programs for 2019 include:

All events need a Pager-Wearing Millennial

Think Like a Fan

How to create marketing from your customers’ perspectives
Marketing today isn’t determined by your company or your brand; it’s determined by your loyal customers. In this presentation, Brian teaches how to tell your story through your customers – creating connection, authenticity, transparency, and trust.

Press the Damn Button

Every person (and organization) has a story to tell
The old days of letting your hard work “do the talking for you” are over. In this program around personal branding, social media, and marketing, Brian teaches how to create a memorable storytelling strategy.

Digital Empathy

The synergy between technology innovation and emotional connection
Technology, change, innovation, and social media will continue to exist… while our desire for personalization, human connection, and relatability has never been so vital.
In this inspirational keynote, Brian leverages psychology with technology – resulting in new strategies for creating powerful connections and better customer experiences online.


How cross-generational collaboration empowers change, community, and a shared purpose
Forget the requests for “how to work with millennials” – this is the presentation everyone in your organization needs to hear today. Brian combines the importance of change, collaboration, and community to teach how to understand customer behaviors today, while preparing for technologies tomorrow. More than a marketing program, this keynote improves organizational culture.

Brian has delivered keynote programs in 11 countries, highlighting his passion for change, collaboration, and community. He is also a popular event emcee and host.
To learn more about his programs and to book Brian to your next event, contact us HERE!

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